Our Core Values

Personalized Plans and Consultation

We begin our learning and assessment process during our very first contact with you or your loved one; we also with our assessment, rule in or out a diagnosis of chemical dependency; and of course, we conduct a thorough evaluation of everyone who arrives at Canadian Addiction Recovery Network for inpatient treatment.

Experience, Expertise and Support

Choosing to enter an addiction recovery program is one of the most important decisions that a person can make in their life. The right program can set a person on a new path, and help them establish momentum for moving forward. The wrong program can lead to disappointment and keep an individual desperate and feeling hopeless. For some people, their entire future hinges on this one decision. At Canadian Addiction Recovery Network, we understand how serious this decision is, and we do not take lightly the role that we play in helping people break free from addiction.

Our Approach

There are many modalities and programs of addiction recovery. That proposition is in many ways unfounded and without success. Yet these modalities and programs have not been fully mapped out; their existence and diversity have not been broadly communicated to service professionals in Canada let alone the general population.

Non 12-Step

At Canadian Addiction Recovery Network we use a Cognitive mental health approach which we have found overcomes the low success rates of 12-Step based programs. Our approach not only empowers the individual in their own unique recovery program but is designed to give a solution based cognitive approach to the individual’s problems that will get to the root cause of his or hers addiction. Call us today at Canadian Addiction Recovery Network to discuss why our program has some of the highest success rates in Canada.

Financial Help

Canadian Addiction Recovery Network is a private addiction treatment organization that prides itself on providing the most comprehensive treatment options for our clients. Your investment in treatment is not something that should be taken lightly; during the pre-admissions process, our Admissions /Case Specialists will work with all individuals and their families will discuss all financial options when necessary. We as a company do not finance treatment costs but are more than happy to discuss your options.

Lifetime of Support – Never Alone

Aftercare refers broadly to any addiction treatment (or combination of treatment types) that is non-residential, though it usually follows residential/inpatient treatment. As its name would suggest, these are not intended to be stand-alone treatments, but rather ones that continue to provide care after intensive residential treatment.

Inpatient is comprehensive, incorporating both clinical and residential aspects into its program. In the aftercare stage, the individual is working his or her program continuously in the outside world once more becoming a productive member of society while still maintaining their sobriety and therapy.


At a minimum, you’ll want to bring the following items:

    • Comfortable clothing and shoes for about a week and a half (a maximum of two suitcases). On-site laundry facilities and supplies are available.
    • Alcohol-free toiletries, including: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shaving articles, hairdryer, etc.
    • Writing materials for taking notes
    • Photo ID: a driver’s license, passport, or work ID
    • Provincial Medical insurance cards
    • A list of all medications, including dosages, and any known allergies to medications

Join Us

Looking for a rewarding career in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment industry? Canadian Addiction Recovery Network understands how important it is to have a team of highly skilled and compassionate individuals. Take pride in your work knowing you are a part of a team of professionals renowned for their world-class care.