The Power of Choice in Recovery – Solution Based Focus

Our non-12-step approaches include:

At Canadian Addiction Recovery Network we use a Cognitive mental health approach which we have found overcomes the low success rates of 12-Step based programs. Our approach not only empowers the individual in their own unique recovery program but is designed to give a solution based cognitive approach to the individual’s problems that will get to the root cause of his or hers addiction. Call us today at Canadian Addiction Recovery Network to discuss why our program has some of the highest success rates in Canada.

Our program helps clients and their loved ones understand addiction and motivation to change. Our clinicians assess where a client is in terms of their readiness to stop their addictive behaviors and remain clean and sober. They then work with clients to choose and implement treatments that are best suited to their needs.

The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network recovery program utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and builds treatment around an initial psychological and biopsychosocial assessment. Our approach focuses on improving the biological, psychological and social areas of functioning that have been impacted by addiction.

Here are the six components that comprise this evidence-based approach:

– Psychological & Biopsychosocial evaluations

– Design a program and work with client based on assessments

– Empathetic understanding of the client’s issue

– Needs expressed by the client are addressed

– Full understanding on how to meet those needs

– Assessing client’s responses and behaviors to advice and adjusting treatment recommendations

The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network program is a non-religious, non-step, self-empowering addiction recovery program. Clients also engage in supportive, educational meetings and partake in evidence-based psychological treatments while following a four-point program that includes building and maintaining motivation; coping with urges; managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and living a balanced life.

We know with Canadian Addiction Recovery Network’s treatment program you or your loved one will have the highest chances of success in recovery from Addiction in Canada