“I have a psychotherapy practice in Nova Scotia and on occasion refer my clients to The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network. Why send them almost clear across the country when there are plenty of rehab facilities in eastern Canada? Two words: SUCCESS RATE”

“One thing that impressed me – many of my therapists at the Rocky Mountain Retreat were recovering, just like me. I knew they knew exactly where I was coming from. Made all the difference in the world.”

“I went there because it’s in Muskoka, and I love Muskoka. The setting and the resort like amenities you can’t beat all the while you are recovering from addiction. You get comfortable and you feel better. How great is that?”

“I considered going to a long standing government facility for rehab…but my therapist recommended The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network. Good call.”

“I’m a physician who went to the Muskoka Recovery Resort to deal with my alcoholism. Their approach to addiction is the best in mental health and care. That’s why I refer to them.”

“Never thought I’d have to go to rehab. Never thought I’d write a review about it. But I did. If you have to go to rehab – go to The CARN Rocky Mountain Retreat.”

“The best thing about the CARN family program was that we also recovered from what the destruction of addiction did to our family. We all learned how not to push each other’s buttons and to accept our daughter’s new way to live and in recovery and not dwell on her past. Felt like a weight was lifted off me. We know how to communicate now.”

“Groups were good. Nice people. Good food. great rooms and comfortable. The one on ones were phenomenal. I recommend it.”

“Arrived drunk. Left sober, that in itself I find a miracle. That’s the best recommendation I can give.”

“After 2 months at The Canadian Addiction Recovery centre, I have learned that I’m no longer an addict – but now I’m a recovering addict. It was a long road, but they helped me take the first step.”

“Can’t say I had too much FUN there, but after 2 pretty intense months, I didn’t want to leave. Sounds weird, but it’s true.”

“I’m drug free for the first time in 10 years and its great to be alive again. Thats the best feeling in the world.”

“3 months is a long time, but so was 15 years of alcoholism & drug addiction. Canadian Addiction Recovery did what years of seeing counselors and therapists couldn’t – it straightened me out.”

“I’ve referred two of my counseling patients to Canadian Addiction Recovery Network this year, one for drug addiction and one for an eating disorder. Pleased to say both have had positive outcomes and are still in recovery . Canadian Addiction Recovery is two for two.”

“Rehab for me was a last resort. I’ve been in and out of AA and seeing counselors for years but nothing worked. I needed an inpatient program. CARN fit all my needs.”

“Canadian Addiction Recovery’s Rocky Mountain retreat was expensive, but not as expensive as my coke habit.”

“The CARN’s Muskoka recovery resort is way out in the middle of nowhere, Ontario. And that was cool with me – the farther I got away from my old lifestyle and setting, the better. Some people need structure in their lives – like me. Now I can deal with anything life throws at me and not use.”

“I’m an addiction interventionist who refers to the Canadian Addiction Recovery Network when the family or loved ones ask. The best word I can use for their addiction program is “Dynamic” It’s not one size fits all or cookie cutter – they create a program to match the person’s needs. In my experience, very few other facilities do that.

“It takes hours to get there, but once I got there I felt safe for the first time in a long time. I actually cried when it came time to leave.”

“I researched lots of private treatment centres before I decided on Canadian Addiction Recovery Network for our daughter. They’ve got what was needed for our problem and all that research paid off – at least for our family.”

“The staff at the Rocky Mountain Retreat of Canadian Addiction Recovery were fantastic. They knew when to be tough and when to go easy and even when to be compassionate. Thanks to them I haven’t used since my completion – and don’t plan to.”

“I’ve got a lot of respect for the therapy staff at the Muskoka Recovery Resort. They know their stuff, and its exactly what I needed.”

“I just got back from spending 2 months at The Muskoka centre of CARN. It was the calmest, least-anxiety-producing, no stress-inducing 2 months of my life. The only time I got stressed out is when it came time to leave.”

“Nobody likes the idea of going to rehab. But the people at Canadian Addiction Recovery Nework made it as pain free as possible for me. They treated me with respect, like an adult. I recommend it for anyone who needs to go to rehab.”

“If you think you can beat a drug addiction on the outside, think again. I couldn’t. I needed inpatient rehab. I needed tough love, structure and most of all proper therapy. I needed Canadian Addiction Recovery Network.”

“Our 19 year old son had a drug addiction problem. He spent 2 months at the Rocky Mountain Retreat of Carn here in Alberta and when he came back, it was like having our old son back. Yes it was expensive but worth it – what price can you put on getting your loved one back?”