Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews

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Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews is the reviews for the very best addiction treatment in Canada.

An alternative to 12-step programs, Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews offers panoramic lakeside or mountain views depending on location in a caring and therapeutic environment. Housing up to 2o residential guests in Alberta and up to 45 in Ontario, these luxury facilities offer a choice of semi-private or private rooms with or without lakeside or mountain views but still any room offers breathtaking scenic views any way you slice it.

The length of an individual’s stay at one of the Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews facilities varies depending on the client’s initial assessment as determined by their clinical team, with the average stay being seven to eight weeks (for an additional charge, clients can opt for an extended stay up to 90 days).

The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network facility in Alberta is located in the Rocky Mountain/Foothills area of central west Alberta and is nestled on 150 acres of the most serene lands and views available and is affectionately called the Rocky Mountain Retreat, the Rocky Mountain Retreat offers its guests (a fairly diverse group in terms of age, occupation and substance abuse history) the sensation of total immersion in this breathtaking setting.

The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network facility in Ontario is located in the north Muskoka region of Ontario and is nestled on 125 acres of the most picturesque setting and lands available and is affectionately called the Spirit of the North Recovery Resort, the Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews of our Muskoka Resort are that it offers its guests the most sacred of locations and lands on waterfront settings.

Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews its locations and they both provide a relaxing environment for its guests. Canadian Addiction Recovery Network believes that this is not only conducive to one’s recovery, it is essential. These settings also enables Rocky Mountain Retreat and Spirit of the North to offer its guests opportunities to engage in fun and enjoyable activities and amenities which further enhance their recovery process. In the words of one former client, “The outings and amenities were amazing!” It is not surprising that alumni list “The Locations” as one of their top reasons for choosing Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews and giving top marks.

The relaxing locations at either Canadian Addiction Recovery Network location is matched with a fairly relaxed attitude when it comes to an individual’s recovery process. This is not a “tough love” environment but the complete focus on one on one therapy at will is the staple for the success. When choosing a rehab it is important to know what level of structure is the right fit for you or your loved one. Rehabs run the gamut from almost military-style boot camp to vacation resort. Canadian Addiction Recovery Network graduates describe the structure there as “permissive.” There are classes every day during the week, so clients are kept busy, but each person is ultimately responsible for their own recovery. As one alum recalls, the staff was “…not strict. We were all adults and they expected us to act like adults but they gave us the attention when it was needed and the one on ones were always readily available.”

The quality of the program receives top marks from alumni and is most often cited as the main reason for choosing this program over other facilities. Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews say that they offer a evidence-based alternative to the disease model favored by 12-step facilities. Its founders assembled a team of psychologists and mental health therapists with many years of experience to develop their program. The psychological and clinical program favors teaching over treatment, providing tools for learning and living that last a lifetime, not to mention the therapy for concurrent disorders is solution based. One alum summed up their experience this way: “I’ve got a lot of respect for the therapy staff at the Muskoka Recovery Resort. They know their stuff, and its exactly what I needed.”

Canadian Addiction Recovery Network staff say they are far from seeing their clients as being in the grip of an incurable disease, the staff see their clients as having fallen into patterns of unhealthy thinking and behavior – patterns which can be broken and changed if the client has an honest desire to change them and a willingness to learn how. In the words of one former client, “After 2 months at The Canadian Addiction Recovery centre, I have learned that I’m no longer an addict – but now I’m a recovering addict. It was a long road, but they helped me take the first step.” This philosophy is the focus of one on one and the individual’s underlying issues.

One prominent psychotherapist provided this Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Reviews, “I have a psychotherapy practice in Nova Scotia and on occasion refer my clients to The Canadian Addiction Recovery Network. Why send them almost clear across the country when there are plenty of rehab facilities in eastern Canada? Two words: SUCCESS RATE”


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