Why Medical Detox is So Important in Addiction Recovery

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It is such a sad statistic that many addicts attempt detox by going “cold turkey.” They put themselves through unnecessary pain and possible serious medical trauma as well as risk in an effort to rid themselves of their dependence to drugs or alcohol. The results are rarely successful. Medical Detox from drugs and alcohol is the only way to go.

At Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Detox from drugs or alcohol doesn’t have to be this way.

A key element of addiction is denial. In fact, most addicts believe they are in control and can quit whenever they want to. Anyone who has seen a loved one battle an addiction knows that this is simply untrue.

Denial has the ability to bend facts and reality in the mind of the addict. So, it’s not surprising that when it comes time to quit, many addicts ignore medical facts and talk themselves into going it alone and attempt to detox cold turkey. This sad state often backfires and can create undue trauma and quash any future attempts at getting clean.

If you or a loved one is facing this life-threatening condition, the best thing you can do is get help. Canadian Addiction Recovery Network is here to give you the help starting with full medical detox from drugs and alcohol.

For an individual who is struggling with addiction, it’s vital to obtain a true assessment of the level of addiction. In many cases, there is an underlying mental condition that is intertwined with it that also needs to be considered when developing a treatment plan. In other words, detoxification from drug and alcohol dependence is very serious business. And, it requires expert care. We at CARN have at every one of our facilities the expert care for all your medical detox needs.

Because symptoms of detox can be severe, an integrative, medically-modeled detox program can be particularly beneficial in overcoming symptoms such as severe headaches, heart palpitations and nausea. When combined with round-the-clock care, appropriate medications can help minimize the symptoms and enable the process of eliminating toxins and drugs.

Holistic treatments can also help tremendously. Treatments such as meditation, hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can be beneficial both during the early days of treatment and throughout the entire recovery process. This is why detoxing medically and holistically is recommended by most addiction experts as the best approach for sustaining long-term recovery.

Are you struggling with addiction? Have you tried to detox yourself or go to public detox and attempt it “cold turkey?” Call us at Canadian Addiction Recovery Network and learn about a safer and much more effective way to detox from drugs and alcohol and get a full leg up and the right start to your Addiction Recovery.

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