Marijuana Detox from Opiate Addiction

NEW Opiate Detox Using Marijuana is Saving Lives

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In the face of rising Death Rates due to opiate addiction and reaction, Addiction Canada and the Network of recovery centres associated with them have developed a new program that uses medicinal marijuana to improve Success Rates.

Saving lives are all that matters and nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose.

Opiate use is deadly and usually stems from the need to deal with a certain type of pain.  The term ‘deadly pharmaceuticals’ is not very far from the heart of the addiction crisis.

This new program takes a different approach.  Similar to fighting fire with fire, this program takes a natural product known for many years to have healing characteristics along with a pleasurable sided effect and use it to safely detox individuals who suffer from a much more serious and life threatening ailment.

Marijuana Detox from Opiate Addiction deserves serious consideration and is the leading the way to the successful victory against the deadly opiate crises facing North America today.

To learn more, call Addiction Canada:  1-844-663-2017

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